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New Cars Online join MotorLease and see a 20% increase in sales


New Cars Online moved over to MotorLease in the summer of 2021. Since then they have been delighted with how the platform has performed, and in particular the focus of the team at MotorLease on the continual improvement of what is already an excellent product.

Chris and the team at New Cars Online have over 40 years of experience in the motor industry and a very keen eye for what matters, both in terms of running a leasing broker business efficiently, but most importantly understanding what makes for a satisfied customer leasing or buying a vehicle. They have delivered over 2,000 cars across the UK and proudly hold the Gold Trusted Service award from Feefo with an average score of 4.9/5.

The Story of New Cars Online

New Cars Online work out of two locations in the North of England. Laceby in North East Lincolnshire is the main office and is dedicated to car leasing, and over in Leeds, West Yorkshire is a second office. New Cars Online specialise in providing impartial advice on how to fund vehicles most effectively to both individuals and businesses. A great deal of effort and hard work has gone into building and maintaining their reputation across the UK for both service and the lowest prices available. Quite striking, is the focus placed on getting things right all the time, for both the customer but also for their ways of working, as described in the section about culture on their website.

Anyone working in vehicle leasing will understand that the most important aspects of the role include:

• Getting the right prices on the right cars
• Getting those offers in front of the customer
• Make it as easy as possible for the customer to search and enquire
• Optimising the process of conversion to vehicle ordering
• Excellent communication

New Car Online's previous supplier was not getting this right, and too much time was being spent on sales administration. There was a lack of responsiveness around making changes needed to the platform, leading to frustration, and impacting performance. This contributed to the decision to find a better product and partnership. Seeking a new provider who was in a better position to be more responsive, with a better technology platform to support and grow alongside, resulted in the partnership with MotorLease.

The Challenge New Cars Online Faced before going with MotorLease

Changing the core system upon which you run your business is a major decision to take. It is the very heart of the brokers operation and revenue, and so the decision is not one to be taken lightly. It is fair to say that all change involves an element of risk and a leap into the unknown. However, getting this right is absolutely central to success. MotorLease provided plenty of reassurance and evidence that they had this fully under control, as well as the appropriate processes and technology in place to make it work seamlessly. New Cars Online's aim was to find a 'win-win' - that is, a platform that was easier to use, well supported and one that will work with them to grow their business.

Why New Cars Online Chose MotorLease

Chris was reassured by the engagement that MotorLease have with brokers in the development of the platform, combined with their expert knowledge in the digital automotive and wider industry space, and experience in major scale websites, CRM and onboarding. It is true to say that the platform is certainly built for brokers, taking onboard their years of experience, and ensuring all relevant frustrations experienced by brokers are addressed to deliver the best platform available. Special attention has evidently been paid to the process of uploading rate books, which is super quick, and to the creation of special offers – all using cap hpi, the 'go to' data provider for the automotive industry. The websites are designed for ease of navigation and ensures the customer always sees the best price in their search results. SEO performance gains accessible by just using the platform were clear from the outset.

How New Cars Online Used Motor.Lease

New Cars Online adopted MotorLease fully from the creation and presentation of offers on the website, to the process of handling incoming enquiries and onboarding the customer – achieved through creating quote, completing finance proposals online, customer orders and dealer purchase orders – all in a fully compliant workflow supported by the CRM. Whilst there is certainly some effort involved in moving content onto the new site, the ease of use provided through the Umbraco CMS was certainly welcome. This continues to be the case to support the everyday processes of adding offers and ensuring content is up to date and relevant. The flexibility of adding content and in the desired format has been a highlight for the team as presenting great content was always an issue in the past with the limitations of their previous provider.

The Results

Chris at New Cars Online has been most impressed with the underlying performance of the platform 'out of the box'. Added to that is the willingness and determination of the team at MotorLease to work on improving the platform alongside their growing number of broker users, through workshops, direct conversation, and use of the Community platform. This is where brokers can submit ideas and requests.  Support requests are dealt with super quickly too and communication is excellent.

Most pleasing has been how the growth in sales performance. This has been enabled by both the MotorLease platform and New Cars Online and MotorLease working well together.

Chris at New Cars Online confirmed that since migrating to the platform

  • Organic traffic to the website has increased
  • And overall, there has been a 20% increase in sales volumes

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