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Amber Car Leasing are inspired by the early results from switching from Calas to MotorLease


Amber Car Leasing decided to switch to MotorLease at the start of 2022. They wanted greater flexibility and responsiveness for their leasing broker website. Most importantly it needed to be optimised for sales conversion, whilst being easy to use and modify directly. Jason Fennessey and his team at Amber and MotorLease worked closely together until they were happy to launch their new site at the start of April 2022.

With over 35 years of automotive experience, the team at Amber are confident that they can offer those best prices and offers that are usually only associated with large fleet companies, whilst offering that personal advisory service which is a trait of the smaller brokerages. Judging by their reviews and the number of orders we are seeing coming through, both Amber and the MotorLease platform are working exceptionally well.

Jason and the team at Amber are detailed by nature and put a huge amount of focus on quality and process. It was therefore vital for them to choose a supplier that would ensure their clients get the best possible service. Throughout the implementation communication and feedback worked well amongst both parties, with Amber quickly learning how the platform works. Further improvements were also suggested, many of which we were
able to implement before going live.

The Story of Amber Leasing

Amber is based in Alderley Edge, a much sought-after leafy Cheshire suburb. Whilst having an established customer base in the area, they work equally effectively across the UK. Established since 2006, they have an impressive score of over 97% with 500 reviews on Trust Pilot - It is easy to see the hard work and effort that Jason and his team put into the business.

The existing supplier struggled to provide the type of support Amber found increasingly necessary. They needed to make sure that the best possible prices were presented on a website and were optimised for conversion and mobile usage. Change was becoming difficult and there was a strong feeling it was beginning to limit Amber’s growth ambitions. Too much time was spent trying to work around constraints and on administrative tasks. Whilst it is never an easy decision to make to change platforms, it was one that Jason considered carefully. Working alongside MotorLease they planned the most effective way to make the change.

Why Amber Leasing Online Chose MotorLease

MotorLease were chosen by Amber as they fitted with the innovative and modern profile that Jason was looking for. A profile of two companies wanting to grow together and recognising that both will contribute flexibly on that journey. Critical to the engagement, was the development of the trust that a supplier like MotorLease was going to be responsive to requests for changes. A supplier willing to listen and provide feedback and recommendations gleaned from working with many brokers on an integrated platform.

The flexible and configurable approach to the website, coupled with the significant efforts expended in the data exchange aspects of brokering attracted Amber to MotorLease. Evidence of the strong growth from other brokers moving across from the incumbent suppliers was also a key consideration. The work that has gone into automating rate book management, making it easy to create and manage special offers, as well as the thought and automation that has gone into the aggregation feeds such as the one for CarWow are all key factors behind the decision.

MotorLease felt that Jason was initially cautious in his approach. However, he gained much confidence in the platform itself once the contract was agreed and the collaboration and support provided were as good as we had promised – and we think they are.

Moving to MotorLease

The sales and onboarding process followed MotorLease’ s tried and tested approach of running a demonstration on a platform specifically branded for that broker. Amber was left with access to the platform so that they could try it out, get a feel for how it works, and see how easy and quickly both the website and CRM perform.

Throughout, there was careful planning for data migration from the existing CRM, moving across third-party components such as newsletter and review systems, and of course the live order bank. Jason initially chose to invest time in migrating the orders to the new CRM whilst in parallel making ready the new site.

How Amber Used MotorLease

As mentioned already, the initial approach focused on the CRM and making sure it was properly understood and aligned to the sale process. The objective of supporting the sales funnel from enquiry through to order with an auditable workflow that is easy to read, use, and of course compliant. As enquiries can be manually added to the CRM, the personalised quotations were sent as PDF and SMS to customers, with integrated e-signature, so Amber were processing orders before the website was live.

Since going live the main features of the platform are being fully utilised, including native rate book processing, automated aggregation, special offers and tagging. There is good ongoing collaboration, and we speak regularly with Jason and the team, both listening to feedback and running workshops with other brokers to map out areas for potential future platform improvement.

The Results

The website looks great and most importantly is already performing strongly in SEO, with Amber moving may pages up the rankings without the team. This is without the team having to do anything specific other than keep the content up to date and relevant. This strong organic growth is resulting in increased orders which is so important! From the MotorLease perspective we are delighted to have Amber onboard and are confident the relationship will prosper as both parties evolve, innovate, and grow together.

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